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consumer proposal


7 Things You Should Know About a Consumer Proposal

Whether you are going through a period of financial hardship, are burdened with credit card debt or have had a significant change in your income, there are many reasons why you may be behind on payments. A consumer proposal is one of the most common debt relief options chosen by Canadians struggling with debt. This […]

debt management vs debt settlement


Debt Management vs Debt Settlement: Which Is Better

Many Canadians struggle with debt and are looking for options. You might have wondered if debt management or debt settlement might be the right solution for you. To many people, debt management and debt settlement are the same, but while they sound similar, they are not. This blog will examine the differences between debt management […]

what happens to debt if you die in Canada


What Happens to Debt If You Die in Canada

Nobody likes to think about death and its consequences, but it is a critical topic to be aware of when it comes to your debt. It creates several questions: Will your family inherit your outstanding debts? Who will be responsible to pay them off? Can your creditors take legal action against your family? Is there […]

Power of Sale vs Foreclosure


Power of Sale vs Foreclosure: The Key Differences

For most Canadians, a house is the most extensive and most expensive purchase of their life. In most cases, this means financing through a mortgage and monthly payments. However, mortgage payments are usually the most significant monthly obligations, so when financial issues arise, they can quickly become the biggest problem. If you fall behind on […]

Why You Should Never Pay a Collection Agency


Why You Should Never Pay a Collection Agency

If you have dealt with overdue bills, whether a credit card, bank loan or other debt, you may have been contacted by a collection agency demanding payment. Many lenders send overdue accounts to these agencies or sell the account for pennies on the dollar to recover at least part of the money owed. The collection […]

Credit bureaus monitor your credit history and log files containing details on your credit.


How Do Credit Bureaus Work in Canada?

If you have ever tried to get a credit card or a credit at a financial institution, you will have come across the terms “credit check” and “credit score.” So, if you have been wondering where this comes from, there is a third term, “credit bureaus.”  Credit bureaus monitor your credit history and log files […]

petition to file for bankruptcy


What Can They Take During Bankruptcies?

For many Canadians, the first thought when thinking about bankruptcy is, “I’m going to lose everything.” However, even in bankruptcy, there are assets that you can keep, known as bankruptcy exemptions. Every province and territory has their exemptions besides the federally regulated exemptions. In Ontario, the exemptions are set out in the Execution Act of […]

Credit Counseling


Bankruptcy vs Credit Counselling: Pros and Cons

Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting process, filled with intricate details and legal procedures. It’s a decision often arrived at after much consideration and, typically, as a last resort to manage insurmountable debt. However, the complexity of bankruptcy filings means that it’s alarmingly easy to make mistakes that can affect the outcome, or even […]

what is personal bankruptcy


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to File for Bankruptcy in Canada

Many Canadians struggle with debt; sometimes, bankruptcy is the last option to escape the crushing burden. This journey begins with filing for bankruptcy with the assistance of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT), the only professional in Canada licensed and regulated to administer bankruptcies. Bankruptcy is a legal procedure where you surrender any non-exempt assets to […]

Can You Cancel a Consumer Proposal


Can You Cancel a Consumer Proposal?

Financial difficulties can be overwhelming, and a consumer proposal might offer a workable debt relief option for many people. With a consumer proposal, you can make a manageable monthly payment to your unsecured creditors while stopping interest payments for up to five years. A consumer proposal is an effective approach to settling your debts if […]

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