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guide to debt consolidation


Consumer Proposal as a Comprehensive Guide to Debt Consolidation

In today’s world, managing debt can be a daunting challenge. Many individuals find themselves overwhelmed by mounting bills, high interest rates, and the stress of financial instability. If you’re in this situation, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are solutions available, and one of the most effective options for Canadians facing financial hardship is the consumer […]

tax documents canada


What Happens If I Don’t File My Taxes in Canada

All Canadians are required to file their tax returns on time every year. Unless the government extends the deadline, as it had during the COVID pandemic, the deadline is April 30, and filing your taxes late, or not at all, can have severe consequences. This blog will look at the legal requirements for filing your […]

consumer proposal toronto


How Are Consumer Proposal Payments Calculated in Canada?

Unfortunately, there is no consumer proposal payment calculator for Ontario or Canada. The cost of a consumer proposal varies in each case, depending on income, assets and debts. However, consumer proposal payments typically come to about 30-40% on the dollar.  The logical follow-up question is: How are consumer proposal payments calculated in Canada? This blog […]

Debt Relief in Ontario Canada


How to Fast-Track Your Path to Debt Relief in Ontario?

Are you burdened with bad debt and searching for fast relief in Canada? If yes then you are landed on the right page. In this guide, we will walk you through effective strategies and practical steps to help you get rid of bad debt swiftly and reclaim your financial freedom. Dealing with bad debt can […]



What is a Consumer Proposal and How Does It Work?

A consumer proposal is a legal arrangement between a person (referred to as a consumer debtor or simply a debtor) and their creditors in which the debtor pays back (often) only a portion of the amount that is owed to their creditors over an extended period of time (up to 60 months).  A consumer proposal […]

what is personal bankruptcy


What is Personal Bankruptcy and How Does It Work?

Bankruptcy has a reputation as one of the “uncomfortable” subjects that people don’t often discuss, and it is perhaps for this reason that there is a lot of false information out there. Add the stress of dealing with aggressive creditors and unpaid bills and it is no surprise that many people in debt suffer in […]

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