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what happens to debt if you die in Canada


What Happens to Debt If You Die in Canada

Nobody likes to think about death and its consequences, but it is a critical topic to be aware of when it comes to your debt. It creates several questions: Will your family inherit your outstanding debts? Who will be responsible to pay them off? Can your creditors take legal action against your family? Is there […]

Power of Sale vs Foreclosure


Power of Sale vs Foreclosure: The Key Differences

For most Canadians, a house is the most extensive and most expensive purchase of their life. In most cases, this means financing through a mortgage and monthly payments. However, mortgage payments are usually the most significant monthly obligations, so when financial issues arise, they can quickly become the biggest problem. If you fall behind on […]

Why You Should Never Pay a Collection Agency


Why You Should Never Pay a Collection Agency

If you have dealt with overdue bills, whether a credit card, bank loan or other debt, you may have been contacted by a collection agency demanding payment. Many lenders send overdue accounts to these agencies or sell the account for pennies on the dollar to recover at least part of the money owed. The collection […]

tax documents canada


What Happens If I Don’t File My Taxes in Canada

All Canadians are required to file their tax returns on time every year. Unless the government extends the deadline, as it had during the COVID pandemic, the deadline is April 30, and filing your taxes late, or not at all, can have severe consequences. This blog will look at the legal requirements for filing your […]

licensed insolvency trustee


What Is A Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

In April 2016 Canadian Bankruptcy Trustees were given a name change. The new name: Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) – a name that indicates that we do more than just help with bankruptcy, that we offer additional options. Prior to our name change we were known as Bankruptcy Trustees (or Trustee in Bankruptcy).  It is important […]

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