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Selecting the Right Debt Solutions Professional in Vaughan, Ontario

Many Canadians in the Vaughan area are grappling with debt-related challenges, seeking viable avenues for debt relief amidst economic uncertainties or unexpected setbacks. While debt consolidation requires repayment of the entire debt sum, bankruptcy may come with the loss of assets that could otherwise be retained. Consequently, individuals often find consumer proposals an appealing alternative for addressing their financial obligations.



A Consumer Proposal is a federally regulated and legally binding process overseen by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, providing a viable alternative to the drastic step of personal bankruptcy. This process is exclusively administered by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, a qualified professional entrusted with guiding individuals through the intricacies of debt resolution.

Integral to formulating a Consumer Proposal is assessing the individual’s income and assets, which is the foundation for determining a repayment amount you can afford. One of the most compelling advantages of a Consumer Proposal is its potential to significantly alleviate the burden of unsecured debt, with potential reductions of up to 80% of the debt included in the proposal. This substantial reduction offers immediate financial relief and lays the groundwork for a more stable financial future.

The process begins with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee performing a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s financial circumstances, developing a tailored repayment plan designed to align with their financial capabilities. This proposal is then presented to the individual’s unsecured creditors for consideration, and upon their acceptance, it becomes legally binding. Despite the maximum repayment period of five years, individuals keep the flexibility to settle the proposal earlier should their financial situation permit.

Moreover, initiating a Consumer Proposal triggers an end to all legal actions against the individual, including wage garnishments and intrusive calls from collection agencies. This respite from creditor actions gives individuals the breathing room necessary to focus on their financial rehabilitation without worrying about immediate repercussions.

A Consumer Proposal can yield additional benefits such as reduced monthly payments, cessation of interest accruals, and consolidating various unsecured debts into manageable monthly installments. This consolidation simplifies the debt repayment process, giving greater financial clarity and control.

What Debts are Included in a Consumer Proposal?

A consumer proposal covers most unsecured debt. This includes most types of debt not secured by an asset, such as a house or car. Generally, you can include the following in a consumer proposal:

  • Credit card debt
  • Personal loans include lines of credit, consolidation loans or renovation loans, as long as no assets have been used to secure the debt.
  • Payday loans
  • Student loans – if you have ceased to be a student at least seven years ago
  • Income tax debt – this includes amounts owing for personal income tax (including penalties and interest), GST debts, Canada Child Benefits overpayments, CPP and OAS overpayments.


When considering avenues for debt relief, it is essential to thoroughly assess various alternatives to determine the most appropriate solution tailored to your financial circumstances.


Bankruptcy, also overseen by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, involves the appointment of a trustee to manage your bankruptcy proceedings. This trustee assumes control over your assets, excluding certain exemptions, and oversees your financial affairs, including mandatory credit counselling sessions and regular income and expense reporting. Upon fulfilling these obligations, debt discharge is typically attainable after 9 or 21 months.

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

A Debt Management Plan entails a comprehensive assessment of your debts by a non-profit credit counsellor, followed by developing a structured repayment plan spanning three to five years. This proposed plan is then presented to your creditors, and if accepted, you make a single monthly payment to the credit counselling agency. While a DMP may involve negotiation for reduced interest rates, it’s essential to note that this approach does not include debt reduction or cancellation; you are obligated to settle your entire debt.

Consolidation Loan

A consolidation loan involves amalgamating multiple smaller loans or debts into a new single loan arrangement. This consolidation serves several purposes, such as streamlining payments by consolidating higher-interest debts into a single payment with a lower interest rate spread over an extended repayment period. However, it’s crucial to understand that this strategy does not eliminate debt but makes it more manageable. Additionally, eligibility for a consolidation loan requires an application and qualification process.

The Role of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Engaging with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is essential for accessing specific debt relief options, particularly consumer proposals in Vaughan. Only Licensed Insolvency Trustees have the requisite training, expertise, and authority to file consumer proposals on behalf of individuals. At Chande Debt Solutions, our experienced LITs specialize in personal insolvency services. We understand the gravity of filing a consumer proposal or bankruptcy and prioritize informed decision-making for our clients. Our consultations are free of charge and conducted without time constraints, ensuring comprehensive understanding and consideration of available solutions.

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