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Selecting the Right Debt Solutions Professional in Orangeville, Ontario

Many Canadians are burdened by the weight of debt, facing emotional and financial challenges. Handling this burden can be daunting, but the Orangeville Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Chande Debt Solutions are ready to lend a helping hand.

Whether you’re working towards eliminating credit card debt, freeing yourself from an overwhelming personal loan, or exploring other debt solutions, our professionals are committed to achieving debt relief in Orangeville and its surrounding areas.

The seasoned Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Chande Debt Solutions are your top choice for financial debt relief in Orangeville. We prioritize identifying the right solution for your unique situation and fully grasp the significance of decisions like filing a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Our commitment is to ensure you are well-informed, and we provide free consultations with no time constraints.



Consumer Proposal

When grappling with credit card debt, tax debt, or personal loans, a consumer proposal emerges as an efficient solution. This legally binding contract between you and creditors consolidates and settles your debt for less than the owed amount. Only Licensed Insolvency Trustees like Chande Debt Solutions can file consumer proposals.

Our LITs thoroughly assess your financial situation to determine realistic monthly payments. Upon creditor approval, you make monthly payments, and once all conditions are met, the remaining debt is discharged.

Key benefits of a consumer proposal include:

  • Discharging up to 75% of your debt
  • Halting legal actions like wage garnishments or frozen bank accounts
  • Ending collection calls
  • Retaining all assets, including tax refunds
  • No additional interest on included debts

Debt Consolidation Vs. Consumer Proposal

Debt consolidation entails securing a loan to merge various debts under one, preserving credit scores and financial control. However, it comes with significant downsides, as it may require collateral and does not address underlying issues or prevent further interest accrual. While impacting credit scores, consumer proposals discharge a significant portion of the debt, halt legal actions and collection calls, and eliminate additional interest.

Personal Bankruptcy

Widely considered a last resort, personal bankruptcy offers a radical approach when paying back debts becomes unfeasible. This relatively quick and cost-effective solution can discharge debt in as little as 9 months. It is critical, however, to remember that in bankruptcy, you will lose any non-exempt assets you own.



Our experts provide comprehensive financial assessments for those seeking emergency debt relief in Orangeville or dealing with a mounting credit card, tax, or personal loan debt. We guide you through available options, ensuring your chosen solution brings genuine relief rather than just repackaging debt.

The experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Chande Debt Solutions are dedicated to finding the right debt relief solution for you. Our free, confidential consultations prioritize informed decision-making and are not time-restricted.

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See What Your Debt Repayments Might Look Like

Our debt calculator provides a comparison of what your monthly debt repayment might look like under different debt relief options including a debt consolidation loan, debt management plan and consumer proposal



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