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Mihir (Mike) Chande, CA, CPA, CIRP
Licensed Insolvency Trustee
Hamilton, Ontario
(formerly Bankruptcy Trustee)
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Selecting the Right Debt Relief Professional in Hamilton, Ontario

If your debt is out of control and/or you are having a difficult time in making your debt payments, filing a consumer proposal in Hamilton or a bankruptcy in Hamilton can be a very effective way to get rid of your debts and get a Fresh Start!

As consumer proposal administrators or bankruptcy trustee (now known as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee), Chande Debt Solutions has the experience and knowledge to help you during this difficult time and help you become debt free.

A Free, No-Obligation Debt Relief Plan Consultation in Hamilton, Ontario

Taking the first step is often the most difficult and that is why we offer a free no-obligation consultation.  It can be over the phone, by email or in person. It is entirely up to you. Our debt relief consultations are different, here is how:

  • We do not limit your free consultation to 30-minutes
  • We do not limit your free consultation to only the first one.  All of our consultations are free
  • Relaxed and no fancy words.  Just straight talk.
  • We will discuss everything.  The advantages and the disadvantages.  We believe that it is important to have all the facts before making the right informed decision.

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Trusted Debt Relief in Hamilton, Ontario

A very effective and popular way to get rid of your debt is by filing a consumer proposal.  In fact, each year, more and more people prefer filing a consumer proposal to get rid of their debts.

A consumer proposal is an alternative to bankruptcy and has many of the advantages of a bankruptcy but without the disadvantages.  Here is a quick summary:

  • Get out of debt without bankruptcy
  • Stop all collection calls and creditor lawsuits
  • Protect your assets
  • Not as a negative impact on credit report
  • A simpler straight forward process

Debt Relief in Hamilton, Ontario

A bankruptcy is not for everyone however it can be a more effective solution for some people.  Bankruptcy allows you to get rid of your debt when there is little to no chance of paying back your creditors.  Here is a quick summary:

  • The cheapest and quickest way to becoming debt free
  • Can be competed in as little as nine months
  • Do not need creditor approval


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